Tutorial: Profile
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This site stores a user profile for each person who is authorized to log in.  For the  primary unit owner the initial content of the profile is created by the web administrator.  Profiles for other users of a unit are created by the primary unit owner of that unit.  Once you login you are able to control and maintain your own profile.
Web site administrators are able to view the content, excluding passwords, for all users.  Other members can see selected information about other users who have opted to be included in the published member directory.  Remember, you control if your information appears in the member directory which is viewable by other users. You also control what information is visible by other users if you do include yourself in the directory.  For example, you can opt to have just your name and unit number listed.
To view your profile page click on the "Your Profile" link which appears on the top right of every page after you have logged in.  Here is an example of the  page that appears when a level 1 (Primary Unit Owner) clicks the "Your Profile" link:
For users who are not the Primary Unit Owner, the Level 2 Member information information will not appear. Those users will see only the links under the "Your Profile" heading.
The Primary Unit Owner is able to create additional login credentials for other co-owners/residents of a unit.  Please create separate login credentials for each person in the unit who will use this site.  Please do not use the same login account for multiple people.  
Click on the appropriate link to update your profile information, add a photo to your profile which will appear in the member directory, or add a photo album viewable from your entry in the member directory.  
Clicking the Update Profile link displays a form which captures the following items:
  • Unit Number - your unit number in Veracruz    
  • First Name - your first name. Do not put multiple names.  For example if John and Jane Smith own the residence, the first name should be only one of the names. It should not be John and Jane. The primary unit owner can create a separate account for the  other co-owner.      
  • Last Name  -     
  • Email Address - Your email address.  This address must be unique.  Multiple users cannot enter the same email address    
  • Mailing Address  - The address to which Veracruz Management can send you official documents.      
  • Primary Phone    
  • Alternate Phone    -  Phone Number when you are not in residence
  • Entry Gate Phone - The Phone Number  the entry gate security system associates with your unit.    
  • Go Paperless     -  Opt in to receive statements /bills emailed
  • PreCleared Visitors - List of frequent guests.  This list is passed on the front gate.  You do not have to notify the front gate for visitors who are on this list.    
Click the "Update Directory" link to display a page that allows you to configure the information that will appear in the member directory for you profile.
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