Tutorial: Unit Owners
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Each unit may have one or more registered users (also referred to as members) at this site.  For each unit, one, and only one user. is designated the "Primary" or level 1 user for that unit.  The Primary user may create up to twenty other users (members) for their unit.  These are referred to us level 2 users on the profile page. Typically level 2 users would be co-owners or a spouse.  
Differences in functionality between user levels:
  • Level 1 users  (the Primary users for each unit) are registered as authorized users by a system administrator  (Our property manager or designated assistant).
  • Level 2  users (co-owners, spouse, etc.) are registered by the authorized primary (level 1) user for each unit.
  • If a survey is restricted to one response per unit then the Level 1 user is the only user for that unit permitted to submit the completed survey.
  • In the Residents Directory level 2  users are indented under the entry for the level 1 user.
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