Tutorial: Getting Started
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All pages on the site consist of a header, main content area, and a footer. Below is a snapshot of the header as it appears when you browse to the site prior to logging into the site.
website header
The header contains the following elements:
  • The Veracruz HOA logo (clicking on the logo will always return to the Home Page.)
  • A Menu Bar with the links used to navigate this site.   The menu items, such as About Us, that have a small downward pointing arrow to the right of the text indicates the menu contains sub-menu items.  Clicking a link which has sub-menu items will display the sub-menu items.  Click on the sub-menu item that you want to browse to.  The figure on the right is an example of what is displayed when the "About Us" link is clicked".  
Sub-Menu example
  • A scroll bar to allow scrolling to parts of the page not currently displayed
  • A magnify glass which will display a search dialog, to search this site,  when you click on it. Below is an example of the search dialog that appears when you click on the magnifying glass.  Just enter the word or words you are looking for at this site, then click search.  Remember, the search is not searching the entire INTERNET, it is only searching this site.Search dialog
  • To the left of the magnifying glass is a link to the login page.  This link only appears before you have logged in.  Once you login the top area will no longer display the login link.  Instead it will display a logout link and a link to your profile page. Below is an example of the header area after the  user logs in.
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